Leszek Gruchała


  • Decision making under pressure, commitment to customer success, very good interpersonal skills.
  • Software development - focused on high quality. Willing to and constantly learning new technologies.
  • Management — 5 years of experience as Technical Lead with team up to 12 co- workers, tasks prioritization and delegation, team support and motivation, focus on solving team's obstacles, promoting agile techniques.
  • Customer support — gathering requirements, providing best solutions that meet customer's needs.


  • Principles of Reactive Programming
  • MongoDB for Java Developers
  • Advanced HTML & CSS
  • Methods of optimization and performance testing of SQL queries on Oracle 11g
  • Test Driven Development
  • Programming in Scala

Work Experience

  • 2014.12 → now Scala Developer at Angie's List

    Angie's List is a USA based Service Provider subscription company with more than 2 million households. Helping to build new application based on Typesafe Stack to support existing and new customers. Working fully remotely with -6h time zone according to me. Mainly technologies used: Scala 2.11, Spray.io, Slick 2.1, MySQL.

  • 2014.11 → now Senior Software Engineer at ScalaC

    Building internal applications using Scala, Akka, Play Framework, MongoDB as well fronted logic in JavaScript (AngularJS). Working fully remotely for various clients.

  • 2013.03 → now Owner, Software Engineer at Pirum Software

    Self-employed at Pirum Software, delivering good quality software for interested companies.

  • 2013.02 → now Senior Software Engineer, Team Leader at BLStream

    Putting efforts mainly in three projects:

    1. Leading technically and developing RESTful (JSON) backend for end users of RWD/mobile application for on of Polish banks. Technology stack includes: Java 8, Spring 4 MVC, Spring Security (oAuth2), Spring JdbcTemplate, PostgreSql. Frontend is completely separated and is built with Bootstrap, AngularJS on Jetty 8.
    2. Middleware application to store and process millions of business orders across various systems of Polish telecommunication company. Technology stack includes: Java 6, Spring 2.5, SOAP, Hibernate, Oracle DB, JBoss 4.3.2.
    3. Building and maintenance of Call Center and Point of Sales application for Polish telecommunication company, designing application architecture, research of new technologies, possibilities and ideas. Building the application through three tiers: database, backend and frontend. Transitioning server side web application to REST alike approach making application much lighter and faster. Leading the team technically and supporting Technical Project Manager with team and cost management, task delegation as well direct and daily communication with customer. Additionally, I take part in pre sales process of new projects. Moving toward functional and reactive programming. Mainly technologies used: Java 6-7, Spring 2.5-3.2, Spring Webflow 1-2, Hibernate 2-3, Direct Web Remoting 3, jQuery 1.8, Oracle DB.

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    Imagine a guy that you can always count on. Imagine a guy that is always there to help you tackle your software development challenges. Add great team working skills and season with a lot of knowledge and humour. This way you'll get some poorly drawn image of Leszek. He's a great asset to my team, supporting me each day of his work, overseeing technical aspects of our projects. Working with him is a pleasure. Thanks for all the good work! by Wacław Adamczewski, Technical Project Manager, BLStream Leszek is definitely on top of the list of people I would gladly work with. He is 100% professional, open-minded and helpful. I worked with him couple of months and this was great and really inspiring time. I would highly recommend him - working with Leszek, no doubt, would be a great decision to make. by Karol Fabiańczuk, Senior FrontEnd Developer, BLStream more recommendations at LinkedIn

  • 2011.11 → 2013.01 Software Engineer at BLStream

    Building and maintenance of Call Center and Point of Sales application for Polish telecommunication company, designing application architecture, research of new technologies, possibilities and ideas. Besides Java backend, Migrating frontend to Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery 1.8 (from 1.3) as well working on Oracle DB optimisation and partitioning. Mainly technologies used: Java 6, Spring 2.5, Spring Webflow 2, Hibernate 2, Direct Web Remoting 3, jQuery 1-3-1.8, Oracle DB.

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    Leszek is a highly motivated specialist, who is very determined to solve technical problems while implementing projects in order to meet customer requirements. His technical and analytical skills enable him to be a confident software engineer. Leszek can easily design a new architecture of application, solve problems and make documentation for a customer. He's always focused on his job and is able to help other coworkers. Highly recommended. by Piotr Wierzba, Project Manager, BLStream more recommendations at LinkedIn

  • 2008.01 → 2012.12 Founder and Co-leader at Szczecin Java User Group

    Szczecin Java User Group intends to share information about Java, support their members, and to convince and teach people about the strength of Java. If you are looking for more detailed information, it is available in Polish at our official homepage on http://szczecin.jug.pl.

  • 2012.01 → 2012.04 Organizer at DevCrowd 2012

    4th edition of Szczecin JUG conference, previously known as java4people. More info at http://devcrowd.pl.

  • 2011.04 → 2011.10 Team leader, Java Developer at Nordic Consulting & Development Company

    Product definition and development of internal insurance web application in SaaS model. Mainly technologies used: Java 6, Google Web Toolkit 2.3, Oracle DB.

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    Leszek is a devoted manager, developer and collegue. Together with clients, he works focused to build software and solutions that satisfy the clients needs and wishes in the most efficient way possible. Leszek is a key player in the scopedefining process, where requirements and solutions are being defined. Leszek has great technical skills, and the ability to communicate with client on a business level, so misunderstandings are avoided. by Rene Bo Christensen, Chief Operating Officer, NCDC more recommendations at LinkedIn

  • 2010.12 → 2011.04 Organizer at java4people 2011

    3rd edition of java4people conference. 130 attendees on 2 session paths and workshops. You can find more at http://www.java4people.com.

  • 2009.03 → 2011.03 Technical Project Manager at Nordic Consulting & Development Company

    Collaboration with Norwegian insurance company. Long term project with aim to deliver easy to use web application with ability to buy insurance for many products (private, agriculture and business line), user profile, making claims and possibilities to maintain bought insurances using Google Web Toolkit. Ability to use the application for agent purposes. Analysis and finding solutions of further enhancements with respect of customer needs. Introducing agile concepts and using partially SCRUM methodology. Mainly technologies used: Java 6, Google Web Toolkit 1.6-2.1, Apache Wicket, Oracle DB.

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    Leszek is very good organiser and help his clients to solve their problems in a creative way. He is able to find some fast solutions with reasonable cost and the solutions also match the clients needs. Leszek take care of his clients in a gentle way and make us understand difficult "IT-language" without feeling stupid. He manage also to give his clients the feeling that our needs is really important and that he really care about us and our clients best. by Ingunn Skaalen-Berg, Chief of Insurance, Landbruksforsikring AS
    Leszek is very good organiser. He is able to handle many things and remember about everything. He's great person to work with. He is ambitious and learning fast. He can clearly tell what he needs. Even if he is missing some data, Leszek is able balance risks and take decision. He is a nice person and builds friendly relationship with all the people, employees and customers. by Paweł Stawicki, Developer, NCDC, more recommendations at LinkedIn

  • 2008.12 → 2009.04 Organizer at java4people 2009

    The second and largest in the north-west Poland Java related conference organized as a part of work for Szczecin Java User Group with almost 80 participants. I was the main organiser and coordinator. The event was made with help of Szczecin JUG community.

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    I was on 4 Java conferences in 2009 in Poland and java4people was one of the best organized one. I admire ease and effectiveness of Leszek activities. He was able to successfully invite very good conference speakers and initiate friendly atmosphere on the event. I agree Leszek is truly natural born conference organizer. I highly recommend his work on that field. by Piotr Paradziński, participant, Developer, more recommendations at LinkedIn

  • 2008.04 → 2009.02 Software Engineer at Nordic Consulting & Development Company

    Google Web Toolkit as client of TIA (Oracle DB) to build web application for insurance company allowing people to buy insurances and making claims through Internet.

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    Natural born leader having deep empathy towards other people. Leszek is extremely devoted to his professional activities. He is able to conceptualize the "big picture" without neglecting technicalities. In fact he feels the pulse of bleeding edge technologies, and actively promotes advanced software development methods among the team. His approach to the development process is very systematic and his approach to solutions is highly pragmatic. Thanks to his kind personality he builds friendly relations with customers. by Karzimierz Pogoda, Software Architect, NCDC more recommendations at LinkedIn

  • 2008.01 → 2008.04 Founder and Organiser at java4people 2008

    The first Java related conference in Szczecin called java4people with 60 participants. I organised this event by myself from A to Z. The conference was also start of Szczecin JUG. You can find more information about conference at http://java4people.com

  • 2006.03 → 2008.03 Administrator/Programmer/Help Desk at The Main Library of Szczecin University

    Linux administrator on Debian and OpenSuSe machines. Responsibility for all hardware at the Main Library. Author of C# application to migrate data from DOS based book library to MySQL.

Technologies I have used

  • Java, JavaScript, Scala, Akka, Play, Spray.io, Git, CVS, SVN, Spring (DI, Webflow, AOP, Security), TestNG, JUnit, Mockito, Scalatest, Scalamock, FEST matchers, Slick, Hibernate, SQL, CSS, HTML5, jQuery, AngularJS, KnockoutJS, Mustache, Twitter Bootstrap, SBT, Maven, JBoss, Oracle DB, MongoDB, SOAP, XML, JSON, Google Analytics, Google Guice, Google Web Toolkit


  • Polish - native
  • English - professional working proficiency


  • 2007.09 → 2009.06 Master of Science at University of Szczecin

    Econometrics and computer science. Speciality "IT in Management".

  • 2004.09 → 2007.06 Bachelor of Science at University of Szczecin

    Econometrics and computer science. Speciality "IT in Management".